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UK dating the SpeedDater

Singles Events Site for Speed Dating

SpeedDater, since Aug-2002.


Monthly Unlimited Pass

How does it work?

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About Unlimited pass

SpeedDater has launched an awesome service called the Unlimited pass that gives you unlimited access to all scheduled events.
You can visit as many events as you want for free within a month. Speed dating events, singles parties, wine tasting and pizza making, gay and lesbian events, quiz nights – both offline and online formats – are available to you with our Unlimited Pass.
After the purchase, all events on our website will have a button "BOOK FOR FREE".
You can reserve a place at the event of your choice by simply clicking on it and confirming your details.
Once you have made your reservation, we will send you a confirmation email. Remember that Unlimited Pass is not only convenient, but also beneficial.
By visiting only four events per month, you will save up to 50% on each ticket!
Unfortunately, the SpeedDater promotes Gay Activity... we do not encourage a such behaviour: this brings the humankind to the end of life.
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